About Us

About Us

We are introducing to people tools that tackle all the elements required for their business, legal and financial advocates, using pre-formatted cutting-edge questionnaires to create legal, business and financial document/s in a manner which is both efficient and uncomplicated.

The MIND Repository (Corporate Document Library) was created with the desire of removing hindrances that are currently between the financial, business & legal world and the people or businesses that need these services to be available to them in a manner that is not only desirable but also convenient.

Legal, business and financial forms are riddled with foreign terminology, loopholes and legal jargon which is confusing and can often leave you daunted. It is for this reason that we consult an experienced practitioner, so he/she may be our guide through the process. A business, legal or financial professional has a high price tag attached to them, this is a prohibiting factor for people and business who often need the need the help of the legal, financial and business practitioner the most.

That’s why we created BizOwn - Global Administrators

Hi there it’s the Team at The Business Own Corporation “BizOwn” and our passion is increasing your productivity. We've been working with corporate documents since 2010 and have thus acquired extensive expertise in this regard. Having modeled ourselves against features that are demanded by large corporations, we have created an innovative feature rich, user-friendly and easy to answer questionnaire that allows you to create a professional sound corporate document from any device without requiring technical skills.

The MIND – Repository is being filled with essential contracts, agreements, resolutions, spreadsheets, plans, proposals, press releases, and policies, these business, legal and financial documents greatly simplify and accelerate all your writing tasks.

Thanks to our vigorous interactions with professionals in the legal and financial industries we have been able to come with answers that fill the need required by today’s legal business and financial climate.

These solutions equip people and businesses with the ability to:

Write Hassle Free Biz Documents

Quickly and easily write any business document by answering simple what, where, how questions. Save hundreds of precious hours with the pre-formatted, easy questionnaire generated documents

Save Money on Legal fees

Save thousands in lawyer’s fees year after year, simply navigate to your desired document, answer the questionnaire and produce sophisticated agreements. Then ask your lawyer to review your document, you’ll save a ton of money

Look More Professional

Communicate more accurately with customers, partners, suppliers, employees and investors. Instantly display a professional image. Effortlessly use the proper words in difficult situations such as firing an employee or collecting payments due.

Better Manage Your Business

Our library is being filled with prescribed professional- grade documents, with these at your fingertips you’ll be gliding through daily tasks like a business guru. Improve your business with best practices, procedures, policies, worksheets, checklists and strategic planning documents.

Everything You Need in One Easy Solution

No other service/product offers such a comprehensive and simplified manner of creating professional-graded corporate documents which have been uniformly formatted, intelligently organized, fully customizable and can be created and used over and over.

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The Corporate Document Library (or MIND Repository), is aimed at granting you access to the documents you need, and all the necessary education and information to fill them out accurately and quickly.

All of our corporate documents are created by professional attorneys and business consultants. Each questionnaire is written in a way that makes it easy for you to understand, so you don’t get hung up on trivial clauses or legal complexities.

Our document library (Repository) – interface is very easy to use, and is arranged in a manner that will guide you to the document you are looking for.

We are bringing documents that are suited for every type of business scenario to ensure the success of every type and sized of company. Invest in your business today.

We hope to be able to save people the hassle and expense of doing business and to equip you with the essential knowledge and tools to make any time spent with a business, financial and legal practitioner much more efficient and valuable.